Trust: It’s Something We Build Together

We're building the most trusted brands in home services, one exceptional experience at a time! But before we make your junk disappear, WOW you with a transformative paint job done in a single day, or make your home the shiniest shack on the block, the trust you have in our brands starts with the trust we have within our O2E community.  


We’ve grown a lot since our start in 1989, so you might wonder how we maintain the values that make us who we are while continuing to evolve as a business. We credit that to the people who make up our organization, and an even closer look will reveal trust is the glue holding us all together. We have been recognized among the 2023 Best Workplaces™ with Most Trusted Executive Teams by Great Place to Work® Canada! We’re incredibly proud to celebrate this honourable recognition. Here’s a look into a few of the building blocks that make up the trust we've built collectively, brick by brick.


Every day, our teams come together for a 7-minute Huddle. This business meeting gives us the opportunity to connect as a company, share good news, recognize teams and team members living our values, report the numbers, highlight what’s working or what’s not, and open the floor to anyone with something to contribute. With a rotation of Huddle hosts, from executives to junior team members, Huddle is an empowering way for everyone to gain insight into all areas of the business and provides a daily opportunity for two-way communication and cross-functional collaboration. Similar to a sports team, we all leave energized and aligned by ending each Huddle with a cheer! This daily practice is more than just a meeting, but rather one of the ways we put emphasis on the importance of transparency, consistent with our overarching open-book management style. 


Living Our Core Values
Brian has famously shared that a not-so-secret to organizational success is to “Find the right people and treat them right.” Keeping our values at the front and center of everything we do, from decision-making and recognition to evaluating success, has reinforced how we expect people to show up and emphasizes how that is just as important as the work they do.


101 Life Goals
Through our 101 Life Goals program, team members share their goals, big or small, professional or personal! It provides a space for everyone to find common interests, encouragement, and even accountability. As an organization that has grown through dreaming big goals and daring to go after them, we encourage our people to do the same and celebrate those accomplishments together as a team. By placing importance on personal goals, we’ve found a way for team members to share experiences and form genuine connections, all while being appreciated and recognized not just as colleagues, but for who they are. 


Last year at one of our company-wide events, Jason Zult was one of a handful of team members who delivered main-stage presentations and shared his personal victories over adversity, and the change in his outlook that followed. When Jason’s not leading the charge as WOW 1 DAY PAINTING’s Field Operations Manager, you can find him out enjoying the great outdoors. In an instant, everything changed. His passion for outdoor activities like hiking and biking was abruptly put on hold when he was diagnosed with a genetic heart condition that required emergency surgery. This condition is often only identified postmortem, making the diagnosis even more frightening. However, despite the numerous trials and challenges he faced during his recovery, this was also the beginning of a new chapter in Jason's life. With determination and resilience, he began the journey toward regaining his health. Each small victory along the way served as a reminder of his incredible strength and perseverance, providing him with the confidence to keep moving forward even when doubt crept in. Now recovered, Jason is sharing his inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and climbing mountains both figuratively and literally. To help others find their own path to success, Jason led a group of O2E team members with varying levels of hiking experience on a series of hikes in the Greater Vancouver area over the summer. The group had an incredible experience ending the series with a challenging 18km hike up Cypress mountain, through St. Mark’s Summit, and ending with stunning views of the Lions. Sharing his passion with team members and leaving with an invaluable takeaway, sharing “When I am having moments of doubt, or wondering if I can accomplish what is ahead of me, I recall these experiences to remind me of what I am capable of overcoming.”

Team members hiking.


At O2E Brands, we’re all one team. Our unity is an essential piece of our puzzle, and fundamental to our organizational success. We prioritize this not just through words but through everyday actions, championed by every individual on our team. We’ve found strength in our vulnerability, focus in our transparency, and connection through our authenticity. It’s what sets us apart and how we’ve found success in being true to who we are.