Starting A Franchise: Our Process

Your entrepreneurial story starts now. But what does the path ahead look like? We’ve broken down the journey to franchise ownership step-by-step, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Stage 1: Introduction (Duration: 1 week)

It all starts with a phone call. This is an informal chat between you and one of our Franchise Development Managers, where we answer any questions you might have, tell you more about our brands, and review your territory options. It’s also a great chance to assess if this is the right fit - for you, and for us.

Stage 2: Market Study (Duration: 1 - 2 weeks)

If we both decide that we want to move forward, we enter the due diligence stage. This involves a market study, where you’ll explore customer demographics, start looking into licences and permits, and develop a thorough understanding of the industry within your territory.

Stage 3: Budget and Financial Forecast (Duration: 2 - 4 weeks)

During this stage, a number of things happen. We work with you to build a business plan and financial forecast You speak with our existing Franchise Partners, asking questions about their experiences, their opinions on the business, and more You review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) If you need to, this is also the time to review funding and financing options

Stage 4: Final Interview Day

This is your chance to visit our head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, to meet with the leadership team, see the teams that will be supporting you in your business, and witness operations first-hand. It’s also when you finalise your business plan and territory.

Stage 5: Franchise Awarded (Duration: 3 - 4 weeks)

When you reach this stage, it’s time to celebrate - because your corporation will be established, you’ll pay your franchise fees, and we’ll produce your franchise agreements ready for signing. 

Stage 6: Move to Start Up (Duration: 8 - 12 weeks)

Once you’re a Franchise Partner, it’s time to prepare for launch. You'll start your on-boarding and training, which includes classes at our head office, and get your new business ready to go.

Congratulations - your new life starts here!