#101LifeGoals: Conquering Standard

Every day, I'm inspired to work at #O2EBrands. But on days when we band together to help one another complete life goals, I feel an even greater sense of value in what we're doing. That's why Brian Scudamore’s #101lifegoals program is so important.

#101lifegoals is about identifying what's important in your life, and setting out to make things happen. It's about dreaming big and making connections with others who are driving towards similar aspirations.

It's about learning new things and finding fulfillment outside the office.

When I found out that Shack Shine’s Brand Coordinator, Gwen D'Arcy, wanted to learn how to drive standard, I was excited to help make it happen.

She says, "I wanted to learn how to drive standard so that I could race someone in a real race car one day. Or in the off-chance I make friends with a billionaire who wants me to drive his or her Lamborghini ... for whatever reason.”

Jokes aside - Gwen wanted to learn to drive stick so she could have a new skill. “I thought it was high time I learned after ten years of driving automatics.”

So we both booked some time, and I’m pleased to say Gwen picked it up quickly - with minimal impact on my clutch.

Congrats Gwen!


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