Our Painted Picture of 2020

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The bestway to ensure the future happens is to create it - first with a vivid image in our minds - then we committothis picture as though it's already happened. Our Painted Pictureshows us a clear andcompelling futurefor 1-800-GOT-JUNK? - it's how we will look, feel and act on December 31, 2020.

OUR PURPOSE: We make the ordinary business of junk removal exceptional. We do this every day. We do it because it’s who we are.

February 20, 2021: Four years ago, in Hawaii, we proudly celebrated having doubled our businesses together. We blew our goal out of the water. We painted a picture of $200M. You found an additional $23M along the way. Then you asked, “What can WE imagine next?” The agreement was clear and accepted without hesitation —“Another Double!”

Now, in 2021, we gather again as a family of overachievers. We’re here because you chose to throw off the bowlines, to sail away from the safe harbor. Look around. Most of you have never been here, but you’ve sure had the dream. This is where adventures begin. Take some photos, proof that when you dream big, believe in each other and work together, anything is possible. Tonight having crushed our 2020 goal of $450M, let’s toast: “To success… and our voyage to a billion!”

Our original Painted Picture said we would build the FedEx of junk removal — and we did. Today, other pioneering brands aspire to become the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? of their industry. They love our model and its three key priorities: 1) Take care of our people and they will take care of our customers; 2) Take care of our customers and they will take care of our brand; 3) Take care of our brand and it will take care of our growth in sales, profits and opportunity.

OUR PEOPLE               
Our success starts with one basic truth: “It’s All About People.” We are relentless in our pursuit to hire happy people: People who wear the magical 1-800-GOT-JUNK? hat with pride and embody our ‘blue wig’ spirit of working together as a team, striving to get better every day, and sharing lessons learned along the road less travelled.

Our people demonstrate such passion for customer service that companies everywhere ask, “What’s your secret?” So, we decided to “open-house.” Every day we livestream our 7-minute huddle, sharing what we do with our customers, our partners, and our competition. And it’s transparency like this that has attracted the talent we’ve needed to stay on top of our growth. Most companies recruit by selling — we recruit by creating a culture that inspires, engages and welcomes A-Players into a place they’ll call home.

Our “Golden Ticket” to hyper-growth has been our ability to give ongoing learning and leadership development to our people. It’s why we’ve connected every single team member to each other through our online community, allowing them to learn and grow together. Truck Team Members and Sales Center Agents are by far our most engaged audience — and they’re each other’s biggest fans. This culture of connection and peer learning is the fuel that powers our rocket ship.

Thanks to our promote-from-within culture, hundreds have made the leap into EntryPreneurship — an accelerated business incubator that one Harvard professor has called “the modern MBA.” Never before has one company turned more employees into owners by igniting their entrepreneurial spirit. And like any great college, when people graduate from O2E Brands, they leave with invaluable connections, expertise, and the pride of being a lifelong alumnus.

Development is part of who we are. Our Franchise Partners stay hungry for success. They continue to learn. Our world-class coaching platform has helped us coach the right partners up (and the wrong partners out). By never compromising on the quality of people in our system, belief in where we are headed, has never been stronger.

OUR CUSTOMERS               
We treasure the lifetime value of our relational customers. That’s why we leverage PIPEline and the power of data to help us get to know them better — specifically, why, when, and how they use us. We quickly adopt new technologies to improve customer experiences, both residential and commercial. And we’re using data to create clear personas for every customer segment, making it easy to find new customers just like them.

Our use of AI and machine learning has given us an edge — we proactively reach our customers with timing that feels so magical they often say, “I was just about to call you!” And our delivery continues to blow their minds by following through on promises like, “We’re open till’ midnight,” and “We’ll be there in less than 60 minutes.” Today, in 2021, 100% of Franchise Partners have chosen to adopt these practices allowing customers to choose the time they want us to be there.

This customer-centric innovation has our competitors asking, “How does 1-800-GOT-JUNK? always stay a step ahead?!” We stay ahead because we often ask ourselves this powerful question: “What’s the next big thing that – if a competitor beat us to it – could put us out of business?” Our hunger to find that answer before anyone else does is what keeps us winning. That’s innovation.

We love how customers feel after we’ve made their junk disappear: the feeling of WOW, of relief, of how we made it easy. The biggest impact to our Net Promoter Score has been our focus on “making it easy” by eliminating common frustrations like price confusion and missed call-aheads. We’ve fully embraced our WTF (Willing to Fail) attitude and as a result our NPS is a record 88 — a number we once considered unattainable.

OUR BRAND               
Our brand has been built on a timeless set of promises we make and keep. Our Exceptional Focus Areas,               
On-Time Service; Up-Front Rates; Clean, Shiny Trucks; and Friendly, Uniformed Drivers, are the magic behind our brand. They’re the little things that delight our customers and make us remarkable.

Our success in creating a globally-admired brand hasn’t caused us to rest on our laurels — it’s inspired us to achieve that same level of success in every local market we serve. With an unwavering commitment to own the airwaves and to own the neighborhood, our top Franchise Partners have shown everyone what’s possible by achieving unaided awareness of 50%. This is the power of our brand, leaders working together to take marketing risks, run new experiments, and share our learnings with everyone who is part of this exceptional company we’re building!

People are talking about us everywhere on social. People tell us, “I love your brand!” They love our service and they see the pride we display as brand ambassadors. We rock branded gear and generate conversations about our company wherever we go. And that enthusiasm has been contagious — allowing us to double the size of our truck teams. What started as a national radio campaign to help our Franchise Partners find more great talent — has (surprisingly) become one of our top sources of new customers — afterall, who wouldn’t want to hire the awesome people we employ to remove their junk?

Our partnership with each brand in the O2E Brands family has propelled our flywheel forward: most people who need junk removal also need moving, painting and house detailing services. We love to share opportunities with our sister companies and we’re proud that O2E Brands is admired as an innovative sales organization and the go-to choice for home services in every market we serve.

We’ve always believed in building something much bigger and better together than we would choose to do alone We cheerlead each other both professionally and personally — towards progressing our remarkable company and culture, and achieving personal dreams with our 101 Life Goals program. We believe in building healthy, well-balanced lives where we choose to work hard and play hard — often blurring the lines between business and personal because we take pride and satisfaction in both equally. Being an exceptional brand means not just growing the top line, but investing to grow the bottom line. Our intense focus on our best practices has led to remarkable profitability — and we love that both the Junktion and Franchise Partners aggressively reinvest their earnings in order to continue to power “another double.”

Now we can see the path to a billion, but success means much more than money: it means winning, contributing, being recognized, and having fun. We have worked hard to become the most awesome junk removal company on the planet, celebrating every milestone along this journey of making the ordinary business of junk removal…exceptional.

Brian Scudamore               
Founder & CEO

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Our Painted Picture of 2016

The best way to ensure that the future happens is to create it – first with a vivid mental image in our minds. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK? we commit to this picture as though it’s already happened. Our Painted Picture provides a clear look at our compelling future at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? – it’s how we will look, feel and act on December 31, 2016.

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