Why These Millennials Went "All-In" & Took Control Of Their Futures As Business Owners.

What do a World Series Poker Champ, Finance Professional, Property Manager and New University Grad all have in common? They went “all in” and took control of their futures as Business Owners.

They came from different backgrounds, but what they all have in common are the “4Hs” - they’re Happy, Hands-On, Hardworking, and Hungry for a better life.  They share their stories on what drew them to business ownership, why they took the plunge, and what they've learned.

Taylor Dunn doesn’t believe in settling. That’s why, after four years at a job in the insurance industry that he didn’t love, he turned away from the industry (and being stuck behind a desk) in pursuit of something more. In business for just over a year, Taylor shares “I’ve put everything I have into this business. It’s definitely a risk, but taking the leap is the biggest part — once you’re on the line, you’re not going to stop until you’ve built something successful. It lights the fire under you to keep going.” Read Taylor’s story here and see what he has to say now.

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At 25-year old, Myles Reville was determined to steer clear of our risk-averse society. To this millennial, life isn’t about benefits and pensions and slaving away until retirement; it’s about doing what you love to build a future for yourself and your family. Miles shares “I like making decisions and I feel uncomfortable when my future is in someone else’s hands — so working in a corporate job was never conducive to how I operate. I’m a problem solver and I enjoy taking on responsibility. As a franchise partner, I get to take ownership of my own business and I have control over the day-to-day.” Read Myles’ story here.

World Series Poker Champ, Matt Jarvis spent 6 years navigating the world’s elite poker circuits. For Matt, he saw Business Ownership with Shack Shine as the opportunity he was looking for. One that fueled his love for a challenge and that would allow him to be home with his new wife and building something for them and their future. He says, “If you want to be good at things, you have to be both mentally and physically strong. Some poker tournaments are 12 or 13 hours long, so you have to be able to focus.”  As a new business owner in 2017, Matt has built a great team and grown - he’s been conquering the business world the only way he knows how: by going all in. Check out Matt’s story here.

At 35, Lee Cagle was stuck in middle management. He had a lot of responsibility, but there was a ceiling and little autonomy to make change. Lee knew he had so much more to offer. “I didn’t have experience owning a business, but I had the motivation to do it. I’m systems-oriented and when I found out more about Shack Shine, I realized how easy it can be. Everything is laid out step-by-step and you have the support of a network behind you. Franchising is a perfect option for someone who wants to start a business but doesn’t know where to start.” Ethan adds “You get out what you put in, so working hard and acquiring new customers is like winning the lottery!” Read Lee’s story here.

Mark Webb had a business degree and, like many others, a few lack-luster job opportunities to work a desk and climb the corporate ladder over the next 10 years. He started working at Shack Shine as an employee and the owner’s enthusiasm sparked his interest. Shack Shine didn’t even have a brand yet — but Mark looked at the opportunity more for its potential than for what it was at the time. He knew he’d be kicking himself for not getting in on the ground floor. “’I’ve always performed at a higher level when I’m under pressure, and being totally responsible for my own income (and providing quality employment for others) keeps me motivated. As a business owner, there are no excuses — only results. And being accountable for those results drives me to succeed.” Check out Mark’s story here.

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