Franchise Development Leader

At O2E Brands, we recognize it’s all about people. That’s why we’re relentless in our pursuit to find great people and treat them right. People who like to do work that has meaning and are excited about the opportunity to help people realize their dream of small business ownership. People who can see that small business helps enhance our communities and provides job opportunities, and want to be a part of this entrepreneurial movement.  
We currently have a unique opportunity for an entrepreneur who wants to disrupt franchising by leading our franchise development team at O2E Brands.  We know the best people are referred, not recruited, so perhaps you or someone you know fits this description:
“I’m a high-energy, results-driven leader who thrives on innovation.  I understand that connecting with future business owners is about delivering an exceptional experience that speaks to them and their desire to change their careers and their lives. I have a history of engaging team members to generate new ideas and increase overall performance.   I have a documented track record of business development, marketing, and leadership.  
My ability to build processes that lead to success, foster team cohesion, pursue excellence, and work with a high degree of integrity has become my brand.  When I see opportunity, I have an innate ability to help others see it too. I work collaboratively to translate vision into action, inspiring people to follow me. People tell me I’m a great coach and an active listener.
I’ve always wanted to call Vancouver home and I’d love to be a part of an organization that makes ordinary businesses exceptional.”

We're seeking someone who has:
* Lead sales and marketing teams, inspiring them to innovate in their roles
* Driven a business that is customer focused, adapting to your unique customer needs
* Has owned a P&L and been the leader of their business unit
* Is a natural coach and leader and can point to clear examples of how they've developed professionals and their careers
Does this remind you of someone you admire? Please contact Kristy Pennock at O2E Brands at 604-256-9097 or for more details. 
Franchise Development Leader