The Winning Formula for Business Ownership: An Entrepreneurial Drive and Proven Systems

A US Army Veteran, a Top Salesperson, a General Manager and more - Owners come from different backgrounds, but what they all have in common are the “4Hs” - they’re Happy, Hands-On, Hardworking, and Hungry for a better life.

They share their stories on what drew them to business ownership, why a franchise, and what they've learned. Here are their stories:

Curtis McDowell spent years working as an Operations and General Manager for someone else. His good ideas fell on deaf ears and he wasn’t getting ahead, no matter how hard he worked. Not one to surrender, Curtis took the leap into business ownership with You Move Me. Curtis shares “Owning a business is not going to be easy, no matter what route you take. But I wouldn’t take it back and if given the opportunity, I’d open another franchise. As a franchise owner, I have a say in what happens and I’m in charge of my future — and it’s a future I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” Not only is ownership fulfilling his professional goals, Curtis adds “I get to spend more time with my son — which, considering how much work running a business is, might sound surprising. But as a business owner, I can balance my time in a way that a 9 to 5 job wouldn’t allow. Also, I can see so much opportunity with this company. Business ownership gives me a chance to give back and to lend a helping hand, which has always been my number one goal.” Read Curtis’ story here.

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Andrew Wilson, US Army Captain and Business Owners with You Move Me, saw the parallels between the two experiences. Both the Army and a franchise rely on structure, organization, and proven results. “In the Army, for every unit or position you hold, you’re not the first person to do it,” he explains. “There are established systems that you need to follow in order to be successful, just like in franchising.” He also says that franchising facilitates a smoother transition into owning a business: he can develop his entrepreneurial skills while having the support and expertise of experienced franchisors. He doesn’t have to waste time developing his own systems, manuals and marketing materials; the franchise infrastructure takes care of all of this so he can focus his energy on his strengths. He adds “They both rely on order and established systems for success. They both require dedication, hard work and perseverance. In short, being trained for one means you’re well equipped for the other.” Check out Andrew’s story here or listen to his recent interview with Veterans Radio.

For 27-year old Adam Powell, a temporary job he took as a Mover in his early twenties set him on the surprising path to business ownership. Adam shares “I remember the first move I ever did and the relief I saw on our customer’s face. Moving is such a stressful time, but we showed up with smiles on our faces ready to help. We truly care and seeing our customers’ reactions is so rewarding.” When the opportunity came up to take over the business, he didn’t have the savings or a degree, but he wanted it and had the drive to make it happen - and did! He adds “I’m a very competitive person so I love the grind. I’ve also been surprised by how easy it is to stay motivated. I love the work, it’s fun, and I’m excited to get up in the morning.” Read Adam’s story here.

Keith Moore spent 15 years selling office equipment inside a huge company, one that went through many mergers through his term. Instead of trying to fit into another corporate mold, Keith knew it was time to escape and embrace his entrepreneurial urge to own a business. He’d spent years cultivating relationships with clients in his market and knew his skills would translate. Keith shares “One thing I’ve really enjoyed — and didn’t anticipate — was how rewarding it is to be part of the small business community here. They have a profound willingness to share ideas and give suggestions. We’re not just a business here, we live here, and creating those relationships is really important.” As he moves into his second year in business, Keith tells us “This last year we validated our business plan. Now we want to be the go-to moving company in Indianapolis — and we have a plan to do this.” Check out Keith’s story here.

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