We're your entry point to business ownership

At O2E Brands, we wholeheartedly understand the dream of being your own boss. We also know that starting a business from scratch can be scary, and often, really hard.

Maybe you’ve already considered franchising as an option. Owning a business with a franchise system sets you up for success in some ways, but can also come with a lack of freedom, collaboration, and creativity.

Luckily for you, we do things differently at O2E Brands. Check out this 2-minute video on what it’s like to be a business owner with us.

Hundreds of hardworking, happy, hands-on, and hungry people have become their own bosses at O2E Brands. We’re here to provide ENTRYPRENEURTM brand guidance and business management advice for all of our business owners, helping you to build a successful franchise. In fact, we even call our business owners “EntryPreneurs”—people who want to blaze their own trail and build something of their own. With EntryPreneurship opportunities across North America, owning a business isn’t just a dream anymore. This could be your new life.

After almost three decades of building successful “franchise” systems, O2E Brands Founder and CEO Brian Scudamore realized that the word franchising didn’t reflect what we do, or how we do it at all. He coined a new phrase to describe our unique style of franchising: #EntryPreneurship.

We see #EntryPreneurship as an entry point to business ownership for anyone with the right entrepreneurial spirit. #EntryPreneurship removes the guesswork from startup life by providing our partners with an opportunity to own a business with one of our proven home service brands. By partnering with us, you know you’re owning a business that works. You’ll hit the ground running with jobs scheduled from your first day in business, and maintain continuous access to our support network as you grow.

As an #EntryPreneur, you’re also encouraged to innovate within your business and share your learnings. Our brands are as successful as they are because we rely on our partners to improve our systems. That’s why we foster a spirit of collaboration at O2E Brands.

Being an #EntryPreneur with one of our home service brands means:

  • -The freedom and flexibility of being your own boss
  • -Leveraging a proven brand and business model
  • -Access to world-class marketing, PR, and customer sales center support
  • -The ability to impact how we do business through collaboration and crowdsourcing
  • -The opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others
  • -Providing great employment opportunities in your community

We’re very selective about who owns and operates businesses within each of our home service brands.

Are you the right fit?

Stop dreaming. Start doing.